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Bridging Science and Spirituality with Dr. Gary Schwartz


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Bridging Science and Spirituality with Dr. Gary Schwartz
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Celebrating a Decade of Cardiac Radio with Dr. Gary Schwartz

Cardiac Radio recently marked its 10th anniversary, a milestone celebrated with the return of Dr. Gary Schwartz, a pioneer in bridging the gap between science and spirituality. The show reminisced about its inception on July 4th, symbolizing not just American independence but also spiritual freedom—a theme that has resonated through their broadcasts over the years.

Dr. Schwartz's Journey and Innovations

Dr. Schwartz has been a formidable figure in understanding complex spiritual phenomena through scientific lenses. His research at the University of Arizona focuses on past life memories, Reiki, electromagnetic fields, and more unconventional studies like electrons in homeopathic solutions.

One of his most notable contributions is the development of 'SoulPhone' technology. This tool aims to facilitate communication with what he terms 'post-material persons'—spirits, using advanced electromagnetic technologies and specialized software.

The SoulPhone Foundation

The SoulPhone Foundation represents a significant leap towards integrating technology with spiritual communication. By employing cutting-edge electromagnetic technology paired with precise software, this initiative strives to detect spirits' presence scientifically.

Dr. Schwartz elaborates on rigorous experiments designed to validate these communications—like randomized control trials conducted in labs devoid of human presence, ensuring unbiased results by automating data collection and participant interaction processes.

Ethical Dimensions and Future Prospects

The conversation also ventured beyond technical details to address ethical considerations surrounding this technology. Questions about the implications for personal identity after death and potential misuse underscored discussions.

Dr. Schwartz envisions a future where such technologies are not only about proving spiritual existence but also about fostering an ethical framework that respects both sides of life—the material and the post-material.


The integration of science and spirituality once seemed a distant dream, but through endeavors like those led by Dr. Schwartz, this boundary is progressively blurring. As we advance technologically, our understanding of existence beyond physical death continues to evolve, promising profound impacts on how we perceive life itself.

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